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Bike info
Bikes: we use the new 4300/4500 trek  and Cannondale Trail 5 and tango 5 mountain bikes in 2015 -2016 for all most cycling trip with different size from 13.5’’  – 23,5’’.We generally use models of TREK  mountain bikes because they are high quality, durable pieces of equipment. Besides,

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We like the versatility and durability of the mountain bike as it has been designed to cope with different types of terrain and riding. Our trips can be on asphalt and can often be broken or potholed, and there are usually unsurfaced sections included, so mountain bikes are the most suitable. They also have the range of gears to cope with the hills.

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Each bike comes with a single water bottle cage, if you prefer more you are welcome to bring your own. Bikes also have gel seat cover slips if you prefer a softer ride. If you have your own saddle that you are comfortable with seat, you are welcome to bring it and we’ll fit it. On long tours women specific seats are recommended and we have some available, but we cannot guarantee we will available for every tour.These bikes also are available for rent in case you want to go it alone or just need a bike for a day.

Additionally ,We have been supplied half wheeler one speed bike for kid from 4 years old- 7 years old,baby seat for over two years old. Kid’s superfly bike for for kid from 8 – 14 years old for whole family ride.

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No. of Days Rental Mountain bike price per day in USD Road bike price per day in USD
1-7 USD 20 USD 35
8-14 USD 17 USD 30
15-21 USD 15 USD 28
22+ USD 12 USD 25

We require a cash or credit card deposit of USD  700 for each bike rented.

Noted : Bike in our tour packages  is 10 usd per day only .

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