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Activities in Hue

Vong Canh Hill

Vong Canh Hill, Vong Canh Hill Hue Vietnam, Vong Canh Hill Travel Guide

Vong Canh hill belongs to Hue city, Thua Thien-Hue, it is far about 7 kilometers from Hue center. Standing on the Vong Canh hill, you can enjoy the poetic scenery of Hue city, especially the tombs of the reign Nguyen. Vong Canh hill has 43 meters height, on the foot of hill, it is bordering the bank of Huong River and oppose to Hon Chen temple.Continue reading


Tu Hieu Pagoda

Tu Hieu Pagoda, Tu Hieu Pagoda Hue Vietnam, Tu Hieu Pagoda Travel Guide

In Hue, there has hundred of famous ancient pagodas, each pagoda has special characteristics, some pagoda associated with legend of mysterious anecdote, Tu Hieu is one of the most different from others one. Tu Hieu is located among the immense pine forest belongs to the range of Duong Xuan mountain, Thuy Xuan commune, Hue city. The pagoda was established in 1842, initiatively, it had the name ‘An Duong’. In 1843, Nhat Dinh found this place and built it to become big pagoda.Continue reading


Tu Duc Tomb

Tu Duc Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb Hue Vietnam, Tu Duc Tomb Travel Guide

Tu Duc tomb is situated in a valley in Duong Xuan Thuong village. It is one of the most beautiful tombs of royal architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty. The tomb is far about 8 kilometers form the Hue and lies near the pine forest. It was built in December 1864 and accomplished in 1867. The surrounding wall inside the tomb has 12 hectares width and interior tomb has nearly 50 constructions with various levels. All constructions have the word ‘Khiem’ in their name. Tu Duc tomb is divided into two parts.Continue reading


Tu Dam Pagoda

Tu Dam Pagoda, Tu Dam Pagoda Hue Vietnam, Tu Dam Pagoda Travel Guide

Tu Dam pagoda is located in the range and high land belongs to Truong An ward, it is far about 2 kilometers from Hue city to the South. There has Kim Phung Mountain in front of the pagoda, Linh Quang pagoda and Phan Boi Chau Pagoda on the left and Thien Minh Pagoda behind the Tu Dam pagoda.Continue reading


Thuan An Beach

Thuan An Beach, Thuan An Beach Hue Vietnam, Thuan An Beach Travel Guide

Along with Lang Co beach, Tam Giang lagoon, Thuan An beach is the masterpieces of Hue which attracts a numerous tourists. Thuan An beach is far about 70 kilometers from Lang Co, people come to Hue cannot leaving this place. From the city, tourists just take about 15 minutes by taxi. You can be contemplating immense Tam Giang lagoon. Different from the neighbor beach of Centre, the terrain and climate create Thuan An miraculous beach.Continue reading


Thieu Tri Tomb

Thieu Tri Tomb, Thieu Tri Tomb Hue Vietnam, Thieu Tri Tomb Travel Guide

Thieu Tri tomb is located on Chu Chanh village, Thuy Bang commune and it is far about 8 kilometers from the city. Thieu Tri came to the throne for seven years; he was sick and passed away on November 4th 1847 (at the age of 41). The King Thieu Tri thought that his death would not waste too much labor and property so that he did not built his tomb.Continue reading


Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda, Thien Mu Pagoda Hue Vietnam, Thien Mu Pagoda Travel Guide

Hue city is converged by many famous landscapes, ancient pagoda in Vietnam. However, the most ancient pagoda is Thien Mu pagoda. According to legend, Nguyen Hoang protected Thuan Hoa, he prepared for promoting his fortune of Nguyen. When you walked along Huong River, he saw small hill with the shape as a dragon. Its name of this hill is Ha Khe Hill.Continue reading


The nine Tripod Cauldrons of Nguyen Dynasty

The nine Tripod Cauldrons of Nguyen Dynasty, The nine Tripod Cauldrons of Nguyen Dynasty Hue Vietnam, The nine Tripod Cauldrons of Nguyen Dynasty Travel Guide

The nine tripod cauldrons were placed in the The Mieu yard. Nine cauldrons were made from in the end of 1835 to the beginning of 1837. On March 4th 1837, the court inaugurated nine cauldrons under the direct mandate of King Minh Mang. ‘Cuu Dinh’- the nine tripod cauldrons presents the wish about everlasting existence of Nguyen dynasty and prosperous country. All wishes are clearly represented in each name and carved patterns on each cauldron.Continue reading


Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang Lagoon, Tam Giang Lagoon Hue Vietnam, Tam Giang Lagoon Travel Guide

Tam Giang lagoon has 24 kilometers length with an area of 52 square kilometers, Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra, Thua Thien Hue. Stemming from Thuan An harbor, small boat sweeps on O Lau river along the length of the lagoon. More than 15 kilometers, fields and bridges along lagoon, we come to Thai Duong Ha village. After 30 minutes, the boat comes to island on the lagoon; there has Thai Duong ancient village.Continue reading


Sinh Traditional Village

Sinh Traditional Village, Sinh Traditional Village Hue Vietnam, Sinh Traditional Village Travel Guide

Sinh village belongs to Phu Mau commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province, Sinh village painting often serves for worship of local people. SInh village is located oppose to Thanh Ha river – one of the most famous river of Lords, it is also called ‘Pho Lo’. This is also the cultural centre. Sung Hoa pagoda of the village is known one of the biggest Lord mansions of Hoa Chau.Continue reading