The Ocean road Vung Tau Ho Tram Phan Thiet

Although Vietnam has plenty of nice roads for cyclists, it’s sometimes difficult to find one where you can feel like it’s only you, your bicycle and the scenery. The Ocean road from Vung Tau to Phan Tiet along the coast belongs to that special category, specially the stretch that goes from Long Hai to Ho Tram. Here are four reasons that make this road so special

Vietnam has all sort of landscapes: mountainous ones that would remind you of the Alps, lush green forrest, the intense green of the paddy fields, the waterways in the Mekong Delta… The one in the southern coast is yet one of the most singular ones. Not only for the quietness, the hills covered with sand and the sea a few meters away. There is a phantasmagorical atmosphere in that road, with all this deserted land where you suddenly bump into a luxurious resort, a huge casino (Ho Tram) and then pass by a hotel that was abandoned before its total construction, like a haunted house.

We mentioned it earlier, but it’s worth saying it again, it’s rare to find a place where you can feel so isolated from the world. Just a few cars and groups of motorbikes pass by this road.

Well, we had to mention it. Seafood is excellent in many places in Vietnam, but few can say they have such fresh seafood, fished that same day for a price that will make you forget about your long cycling. Maybe not the best food for cyclists, but we are not here to win the Tour de France.

Sometimes in Vietnam we miss finding wild beaches in which you can set your foot without asking for permission in the nearby hotel. If you’re looking for wilderness, sea and sand, this is your place. You will pass through long stretches of deserted beaches where you can have a quick swim if you are very hot. However, be careful on hot days, better to do it early morning or late afternoon.