Gia Long Tomb, Gia Long Tomb Hue Vietnam, Gia Long Tomb Travel Guide

Gia Long tomb is situated on the big hill. Thien Tho mount creates a natural screen in the font of the tomb and behind are 7 hills like natural defenses. On the left, there has 14 peaks as ‘left blue dragon’ and on the right, there has ‘right white tigers’.

The tomb complex includes three areas:

–    In the middle: there have two tombs of the King and Queen. Accessing the Honor court, tourists can contemplate stone statues. Pass 7 steps stair of the worship yard lead to Buu Thanh on the hill top. Inside Buu Thanh, it has the stone according to concept of “Can Khon Hiep Duc” symbol of happiness and loyalty.

–    On the right: this is Minh Thanh temple who dedicated to the king and she is the first Queen of Gia Long.

–    On the left: there are the stele pavilion relics.

In addition, tourists can see other tombs such as Quang Hung tomb, Vinh Mau tomb and Thoai Thanh tomb along the paths among the wild flowers, grass and pines.

Gia Long tomb is an ideal destination for tourist, tourists will have opportunities know about Hue history in general and Vietnam history in particular. Together with Huong River and Ngu Mountain, coming to Hue, you will have unforgettable impression.