Hanoi Botanic Gardens or Botanic Park is a green park located in the northwest of Hanoi, established from the early years when the French arrived in Vietnam in the invasion. Currently, it is considered as the green lungs of Hanoi, where those who love nature are immersed in the green leaves and the sounds of the forest.

Previously, when established in 1890, the garden has an area of 33 hectares, surrounds the backyard of the French’s palace. Besides, the scientists still growing rare indigenous trees from north to south. In order to increase the attractiveness, people build the cages of birds and animals. Therefore, the Botanic Gardens also known as the Zoo. After many years, to day, Hanoi Botanical Garden is called with the true name. Botanic Gardens shrunk after giving a large area of land to build the historic relic Ba Dinh, so that it has only the area of 10 hectares within the territory of Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh District.

On a narrow land of the botanical garden, there has many rare tree species. The number of native species account for more than two thirds of the existing trees. At the Botanical garden, visitors have opportunity to enjoy the tree species. Besides the diversity of plants, botanic gardens have some animals such as: squirrels, long-tailed macaques.

Who has lived in Hanoi, would have realized that there has little change throughout the decades. In the middle of noise streets, Hanoi Botanic Gardens becomes the fresh space, wide enough, quite enough so that people can soak into this atmosphere. Tourists can tour and research on plants, the elders can found a peaceful place for protecting their health. Many couples also choose this place to express their love. There have not only numerous trees but also many birds choose place as a good land. Beside, the hall on the Hanoi Botanical Garden is a lovely place for solemn ceremonies such as: weddings, conferences, seminars and birthdays.

Entrance fee: 4.000vnd/people

Hanoi Botanic Gardens on Map – Interactive Map