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Hue museum of royal fine arts is located inside Long An palace. This is the earliest museum established in Hue with the first name ‘Musee’ Khai Dinh’. Precinct of museum has an area of 6.330m2; the main zone is in the middle of museum with an area of 1.185 m2 and storage, garden… Long An is situated in Bao Dinh palace established in 1845 Bac Ngu Ha. It is the place that Thieu Tri (1841-1847) accommodated and relaxed.

People has reasonable when using Long An to become museum. This is wonderful architectural structure, built base on royal architecture of the Hue. The palace includes 128 pillars. Almost artifacts in the museum had collected and preserved since 1913. Now, artifacts display up to 10.000 unit. It is made from all kinds of material such as: gold, silver, stone, wood, leather, paper…

Over the destruction by the time, some artifacts is not intact. However, coming here now, tourists still contemplate hundreds of specious artifacts such as: royal clothes, poem, silver products… Apart from artifacts displayed, museum still stores thousands of artifacts which brought from neighbor country. This is made with high quality. On the precinct of museum, there have storage that stores more 80 artifacts which collected in O Chau area in 1927. In general, Long An palace not only is ancient palace but also have special attractiveness for tourists when visiting Hue.

Hue museum of royal fine arts is situated in No.03, Le Truc, Thuan Thanh, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue city. This place gathers the collections of bronze, stone … instruments of Nguyen Lord.