Huong River, Huong River Hue Vietnam, Huong River Travel Guide

Huong River is the big river flows through the central of Hue city. It is famous for the poetic beauty; the river has many names such as: Lo Dung, Linh, Dinh, Kim Tra, Huong. Huong River has not only beautiful view but also scent. Foreign named it as rivere des parfums hor perfume of river. However, someone considers that Huong River flows through Huong Tra commune, so that it has this name.

Huong rive has two big branches which flow from the range of Truong Son Mountain. Ta Trach branch stems from Dong Dai, flow through 55 waterfalls to the Bang Lang intersections. Huu Trach branch stems from the eastern Chan Son Mountain, through 14 waterfalls.

Huong River has a length of 100 kilometers. The main river called Huong River has only 30 kilometers length. From the Bang Lang, Huong River flow slowly through village in Hue. Huong River has some important branches such as: Bach Yen River, Kim Long River, Loi Nong River, Thien Loc River, Ke Van River, and Dong Ba River… in which some rivers built in order to protect palace or irrigation for agriculture.

 With the architecture of Hue, Huong River has special meaning. From the Kim Long mansion (1630-1687) to Phu Xuan mansion (1687-1712)…they used Huong River as the natural trench to protect Hue ancient capital.

Huong River associates with cultural life of the Hue. All forms of traditional culture such as ca Hue, row skiff racing… are intact. Huong River is also the river associated with songs, music. The river inspires to artists make some poems, pictures or famous songs.

In the reign of Nguyen, Thieu Tri King considered Huong River is one of 20 famous landscape of Vietnam. The poem “Huong Giang Hieu Phiem” was carved in the stone stele on the bank of Huong River, near Phu Van Lau. So far, stone stele is preserved.

Together with Ngu Binh Mountain, Huong river is the symbol of Hue forever. Someone said that Huong River is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world.