Phu Cam Conical Hat, Phu Cam Conical Hat Hue Vietnam, Phu Cam Conical Hat Travel Guide

Phu Cam trade village is traditional handicraft village in Hue. One of the famous places of ‘non’ – conical hat profession over the years is the Phu Cam village. Phu Cam village is also known as the Phuoc Vinh precinct that is located in the heart of Hue city, southern part of An Cuu River. Since the seventeenth century, a group of parishioners in Phu Cam was formed by the French priest who established priest in 1680. This place developed ‘non’ trade village and residents depends on its income.

“Non Hue” is popular items informed by available material in the mountains or surrounding area around Hue such as bamboo and leaves to make “non”…  It has difference features in contrast with others because it is thin, light, soft and durable by dexterity and experience of the workers.

Conical hat features two thin white layers decorated with Trang Tien Bridge, heavenly Lady Pagoda, Ngu Binh Mountain, etc. Among many types of conical hat, Bai tho conical hat is the most famous one. It is well known not only domestic but also international tourists.

When you arrive in Hue, do not forget to buy one as a souvenir for friends or relatives.