Tu Duc Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb Hue Vietnam, Tu Duc Tomb Travel Guide

Tu Duc tomb is situated in a valley in Duong Xuan Thuong village. It is one of the most beautiful tombs of royal architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty. The tomb is far about 8 kilometers form the Hue and lies near the pine forest. It was built in December 1864 and accomplished in 1867. The surrounding wall inside the tomb has 12 hectares width and interior tomb has nearly 50 constructions with various levels. All constructions have the word ‘Khiem’ in their name. Tu Duc tomb is divided into two parts.

The temple area:

Accessing Vu Khiem entrance, tourists can see Luu Khiem Lake. Especially, on the lake, there are Xung Khiem pavilion and Du Khiem Pavilion where the king used to enjoy flowers, compose poems or read books. Then entering three stone steps to Khiem Cung gate lead to Hoa Khiem palace. On the both sides are Phap Khiem House and Le Khiem House for the military and civil mandarins.

Behind the Hoa Khiem Palace is Luong Khiem palace which worship Tu Du-Tu Duc’s mother.

The tomb area:

On the left of the temple is Honor Courtyard, the Stele pavilion. Tu Duc tomb is not only one of the most beautiful works of the Nguyen dynasty but also romantic scenery with lakes and mountains.