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per person$1350.00
The most demanding and remote section of the drive takes us upstream along the left side of a Black River tributary through forest on a bumpy dirt road past isolated pockets of Tay, Thai, H’mong and Man peoples before breaching a pass to enter the Tam Duong plain, which is covered in shark’s teeth like limestone karst. We would visit a Mang village near Sin Ho, the guide will buy some food to give to the head of the village, and he later distributes our donations to the villagers
per person$1080.00
Through the long coastal line in the center of Vietnam with more than 1000km in the 8 day tour with Vietnam motorbike team on Ho Chi Minh Trail, you will be amazed by the beauty of nature and Vietnamese people. This tour is specially tailored to satisfy the demand of even the hardest motorcylists. You are able to see both the magnificence of the Northern Vietnam with massive mountains and the glory of coastal line with stunning beaches. Grasp your chance and enjoy the tour with Vietnam motorbike team on Ho Chi Minh Trail to explore the endless charms of Vietnam.
per person$135.00
Bat Trang is famous as Vietnam’s top ceramics and pottery products. The craft started in late 14th century with the techniques imported from China. Artisans create super ceramic vases and other masterpieces in their coal or gas kilns: hot sweaty work.
per person$810.00
Beautiful landscape. Bumpy road but very quiet and peaceful. We bypass the scenic Perfume Pagoda and spend the night in 2-star Van Xuan Inter-hotel Complex.
per person$540.00
On good road looking high over distant mountains we head up into a forested region populated by H’mong people before descending into a mountainous tea-growing region. Soon after we follow a long valley floor covered in a sea of rice surrounded by Black White Thai villages all the way to Son La with its bargain-filled market.
per person$135.00
From 1945 to 1975, the Ben Hai River served as the demarcation line between North and South of Vietnam. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) consisted of a 5 km to north and south of the demarcation line. This motorbike tour is suitable for those who want to learn about the severe Vietnam War and those who want to “Make Love Not Make War”.
per person$135.00
This full-day motorbike tour in Hue will give you special chances to visit some very famous travel sights as well as highlights of this charming city with Princess Huyen Tran’s Temple, Chin Ham relics ( Nine trenches ) – which known as “the Hell on the Earth” during the Ngo Dinh Diem’s regime Emperor Gia Long’s Tomb complex
per person$675.00
Ride deep into Mekong Delta of Vietnam, discover the lives on water of local residents, walk through fruitful orchards, boat trips on branches of Mekong river, dine and stay at local hosts.This motorbike tour is an easy adventure for those who wish to discover the beautiful Southern part of Vietnam
per person$675.00
This is definitely the motorbike tour for you to discover the Southern coastal roads of Vietnam in 5 days. A medium-grade trip on the beautiful scenery roads where mountains and oceans lie between the roads we travel.Not like hard motor trips to the remote mountainous areas of Northwest Vietnam. As mentioned, this is quite a relax trip.
per person$405.00
The highlight of this motorbike tour besides the passion of riding perhaps the experience with locals when we stay overnight at their places and enjoy the hospitality with the families. Prepare the dinner together and share the life experience with people whose lives are as simple as the old time will bring us so many thoughts about lives, people and culture which in the busy daily life we might have missed.
per person$1080.00
This famous tour takes us deep into the Tonkinese Alps, where we will see no less than 14 different ethnic hill tribes, as well as ascending the highest road in Vietnam (and nine others!). The route takes us through deep rice terraced valleys, past the Dien Bien Phu battleground and finally to the Sa Pa hill station with its trekking options and friendly Dao and H’mong peoples. Use your bargaining skills at weekly hill tribe markets, enjoy the hospitality of the Black Thai people and test your skills on a demanding but forgiving 1,000-kilometre plus road
per person$270.00
Easy ride to on the sealed road to Thac Ba Lake and follow the little road to Vu Linh. Vu Linh is a Dzao village by the side of the lake, very friendly people and the welcome is exceptional

Warm Northeast In 7 Days Motorbike Tour 12/25/2015 - 12/31/9999

per person$945.00
The road is a bit bumpy and dusty. It takes us 6 hours to reach the beautiful village of Quang Hoa, in the middle of a mountain cirque. This is the territory of Nung An people. Spend the night in our friend’s house.
per person$945.00
Quite a long drive but easy (early departure is better) from Hanoi to Na Khan 180 km. The road is sealed all the way until Bac Kan and the last part from Bac Kan to Na Khan is wild and little bumpy. Na Khan is a Tay village, lost in the middle of the primitive forest. Mr. Lo, the chief of the village will welcome us in his house.