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Private Halong Bay Cruises

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per person$0.00
Enjoy all these activities on the intimate Paradise Privilege in between meals of delicious Vietnamese cuisine, all the while enjoying fabulous views of Halong from your rooms, the dining room, or the sundeck. This Program focus special itinerary Bai Tu Long Bay which through hundreds of islets rising from the clear waters
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This cruise takes us in all of the major sights of Halong Bay including Surprise Cave, a trip to an island with its very own beach, and opportunities to swim and kayak. Let's enjoy fresh sea air; we will be admired by natural beautiful scenery. It's also a good chance to explore Surprise Cave - one of the largest and most famous grottoes in Halong Bay. The Paradise Privilege will make its way through the Bay, elegantly winding between the islands and islets.
per person$312.00
Join the tour Victory Private Cruise 2 days, you will have a chance to explore the beauty of Bay such as : Surprise Cave,Ho Dong Tien area. It is an ideally for your trip. You can relax and see the sunrise or sunset, It is incredible moment in your life

Halong LAzalee Private Cruise 2 days 02/18/2016 - 12/31/9999

per person$337.00
The private cruises are specially designed to provide an exclusive and very individual experience for couples. Guests can choose their own itinerary and meal and activity timings – You are the Captain!!! Each private boat features premier quality amenitiesthat you would expect in a higher end hotel suite and you have their own dedicated crew offering a butler like service.

Halong Bay Princess Private Junk 2 days 02/19/2016 - 12/31/9999

per person$358.00
Cruising with Princess, you will have a chance to visit Bai Tu Long Bay. Located east of Halong, it is one of very few areas, which have not yet been fully explored by the tourists. Highlight attraction in Bai Tu Long Bay is Vung Vieng floating village, a peaceful and typical fishing village. With various activities around, you can freely discover many interesting things not only from this village but also from surrounding area.
per person$370.00
Are you looking for a special honeymoon destination with complete privacy? White dolphin Private Cruise offers you just the right choice. In this 2 days tour, you will visit the world’s most wonderful sites on Halong Bay while enjoying private services, which are planned for only you and your lover.
per person$379.00
You will visit most attractive destinations on Ha Long Bay such as Vung Vieng Fishing Village, Surprise Cave…. and enjoy various leisure activities in each destination: enjoy the clear water at the beach or relax on sundeck to enjoy magical sunset and sunrise over Halong Bay.

Legend Halong Private 2 days 02/18/2016 - 12/31/9999

per person$451.00
Whether you are looking for an enchanting honey moon destination, an idyllic hideaway to spend your anniversary or an intimate getaway vacation, a private cruise in Halong Bay is the ultimate romantic bliss for you! The itinerary below is only a sample and ideal for the first timers visiting Halong Bay. A customized version based on your interest can be provided on request.
per person$524.00
The Victory Cruise will take you to many beautiful landscape of the Bay such as: Ho Dong Tien area, Surprise Cave, Tunnel Cave (Hang Luon),Dark/Light cave. You also have a chance to more understand about the local people life by visiting Vung Vieng fishing village. The trip will be special experience in your life.
per person$630.00
It brings us to the most famous scenery and destinations of Bai Tu Long Bay which less of tourist, one of purest area on Halong Bay. In general, Bai Tu Long is much different character from Halong Bay on mountain’s style and construction. In addition, it also promises to bring us an truly unique experience.

Halong Princess Private Junk 3 days 02/19/2016 - 12/31/9999

per person$641.00
The journey to Bai Tu Long Bay promises to provide you a special travelling experience with various leisure activities at beautiful Tra Gioi Beach or casually meeting the local people, listening to their stories and visiting their pearl farm on floating villages. In addition, you will also have an opportunity to explore Thien Canh Son and enjoy the “heavenly scene” inside the cave, which were made out of stalactites through thousand of years.
per person$651.00
White Dolphin private cruise 3 days 2 nights is the best choice for an unforgettable holiday! Spectacular views of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long bay along the journey with various interesting travel experiences will never fail to impress your and your beloved
per person$673.00
You will spend 3 days time to explore the charm and tranquility beauty of Halong Bay through the most famous sites on the bay. Along the journey, you will have the chance to join various leisure activities such as kayaking and snorkeling or simply enjoying the sunrise over the bay.

Halong LAzalee Private Cruise 3 days 02/18/2016 - 12/31/9999

per person$684.00
With L'Azalee Private Cruise, you will enjoy the peace and tranquility of cruising between the awe-inspring limestone formations and experiencing firsthand the local culture within the traditional floating villages. Your are amongst the islands, bays and beaches of Halong Bay - a UNESCO World Heritage-listed destination.

Legend Halong Private 3 days 02/18/2016 - 12/31/9999

per person$811.00
Three day Halong Bay private cruise with The Legend Halong Bay is the perfect choice for your vacation. Whether you are looking for an enchanting honey moon destination, an idyllic hideaway for couple to spend your anniversary or an intimate getaway family vacation, a private cruise in Halong Bay is the right choice for you!

Halong Princess Private Junk 4 days 02/19/2016 - 12/31/9999

per person$912.00
This tour is operated in the magnificent Bai Tu Long Bay, one of the few purest areas in Halong Bay. It is a great occasion to visit the amazing natural landscape of Bai Tu Long Bay and surrounding area. The cruise will bring you to visit one of the most famous caves in Halong Bay: Thien Canh Son (Heavenly Scene) Cave.
per person$1011.00
Spending most of time to discover charm and tranquility natural beauty. This trip offers full experience by high standard services and permission take tourists to Bai Tu Long Bay. We have occasion to enjoy all interesting activities on boat which promise to bring us the most truly experience